Manchester City vs Liverpool Analysis

The big day was here, Christmas, New Years and the first half of the season is already over, now it gets to the business end. This had been the game that every football fan has been looking forward to since the reverse fixture! It was not a title defining game, but it could have put … Continue reading Manchester City vs Liverpool Analysis

Weekend Round-Up Part I

Well, that as they say is that, the weekend is over and all the football has been played (at least until Boxing Day, I love Christmas), so I guess it’s time to look back and see what we can take from the results. If you haven’t already, I implore you to check out THAT Andros … Continue reading Weekend Round-Up Part I

Millsy’s View: Wolves vs Liverpool Predictions

It's coming again, another week of Premier League action and if it's as explosive as the midweek headlines were then we are in for a treat! This sees the return of Friday football, which means that there are games on almost every day of the week and I love the accessibility to football that we … Continue reading Millsy’s View: Wolves vs Liverpool Predictions

Millsy’s View: This Saturday’s Predictions

So, for a long time since I started doing this, I've always thought of starting the weekend off with my predictions. Ok, this may be a pointless and ultimately embarrassing way to go about things, but these days a man needs to be ahead of the curve, rather than reacting to what's already taken place. Plus, as some may know, I love a good "I told you so" and what better way to achieve that than telling people what's going to happen before it does?

Millsy’s View: Week 8

Since I last wrote something, the football world it seemed has gone into upheaval! The Mourinho saga at United (one of my primary focuses) has been creating new headlines for hungry reporters by the day. Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of rape and is looking, in my opinion, a little guilty as a hush payment … Continue reading Millsy’s View: Week 8

Millsy’s Sunday Takeaway – Week Three

Round 3 of the Premier League has come upon us and the teams are starting to grow into the season nicely. We've seen teams and players get off to a roaring start, only to be brought back to reality, we've seen teams that some (me) thought might not get off the ground go powering through, … Continue reading Millsy’s Sunday Takeaway – Week Three