Millsy’s View: The History

So, this whole venture started around September 2017, I was bored, unemployed but constantly reading, watching and thinking about football. After all that, I finally decided, you know what? I’m going to get my thoughts and feelings out there, I had an itching in my fingers to start typing. From there, I set up this page, I made a few posts and I got a grand total of about 80 views….so then I got a job and I sort of packed it in, got tired and just generally had no motivation to write anything. That all changed when I got my job at Marriott International, I had regular working hours, my weekends free and a fantastic workplace where I came home feeling great at the end of every day.

This got my whole motivation ramped back up again, I entered into a kicktipp league, meaning I had to concentrate on all the football, all the time (there’s 60 euros up for grabs this season, how’s THAT for motivation?!). Of course, this meant that a lot more of my time was invested back into football, meaning I started getting that itchy typing finger back. With a few helpful comments from some very helpful colleagues, Millsy’s View was born and the rest, as they say, is history…..

Since 2020, Millsy’s View has become a much more serious blog, attempting once again to crack into the football blogging market and make a real go at becoming a successful, unbiased football blog for both neutrals and fans of the game alike.

To see my posts, go to Millsy’s View’s homepage, or visit my Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr site to keep up to date with all the latest posts.

Current Contributors


Image of Millsy from Millsy's View

The man himself, Millsy. He’s the one who started this whole thing and the reason it came into being. He has been a fan of Manchester United since birth, and he followed football in general from an early age. It doesn’t matter if he is playing it, watching it or writing about it, Millsy is football mad and will chat with you (most likely talking your ear off) about any topic.

Want your face here? Come and write for us!

Millsy’s View is always looking for people to contribute to the blog. If you fancy yourself as a budding sports writer, get in contact and let’s bounce some ideas off each other on how exactly you can contribute. Millsy’s View is open to anyone looking to write about football or sports and will gladly help you get your content out there. Please fill out the formula on our Contact page to get in touch!

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