Blabbering With A Blade, Millsy’s View Talks To A Sheffield United Fan: Part 2

During this off-season, I thought it would be good for me to go out there and talk to a fan of every Premier League club. I wanted to get their insight on how things went last season, what they are looking forward to in the transfer market and how they thought next season was going to go for them. This whole series, you will be able to find here.

For my this interview, I “sat down” with Thomas Furniss, he is 32 and lived in Sheffield with his girlfriend and two dogs. He has been watching Sheffield United for 25 years. “On my last count I had done 60 of the 92 (Bury and Richo Arena included) English Football League grounds watching Sheffield United, should be more, but work stops me from time to time”. If you would like to see more from him, you can find his Twitter account here. So, with that said, let’s get on with the interview:

The Interview

Millsy: Who was your player of the year this season and why? Is there anyone else you have in mind that could also have won it?

Tom: Chris Basham. He’s been with us since the dark days in league one and to be honest, I didn’t think he would step up to the Championship. Now, his statistics put him as one of the top defenders in the Premier League. Another shout for me was David McGoldrick. He gets rinsed on Twitter for his lack of goals, but he has been integral for us at times. If he plays well, we play well.

Newcastle are not the only club who wanted to release Chris Basham ...
Chris Basham was Thomas Furniss’s Player of the Season in Sheffield United’s Premier League season. Image Credit: The Athletic

Millsy: Looking to the transfer window, what kind of business should Sheffield United should be doing, and which possible arrivals are you most excited about?

Tom: We are crying out for a striker. We create a lot and just can’t seem to put the ball in the net at times. Would have loved to see Henderson back for another season, but that looks unlikely now. I can’t see us spending mad money, it’s not Wilder’s style.

Millsy: Which strikers would you like to see coming in this summer? And is Dean Henderson’s third season completely off the table for you?

Tom: I would love Henderson back with us, but we need to sign a keeper who is ours. I don’t think I’ve loved a loan player as much as him before. Paper talk is Manchester United want us to pay his £100k a week wage. Not going to happen. As for a striker, I honestly don’t know. We’re linked with Ollie Watkins who’s looks brilliant, but will he step up? I can’t see us spending crazy money this transfer window. I can see Wilder picking someone up for cheap with something to prove. If we’re talking unrealistic, I would love Lewandowski.

Dean Henderson for Sheffield United in the Premier League
Dean Henderson could not return for Sheffield United’s second Premier League season.

Millsy: Are there any players you’re worried about losing? Wilder said himself that he thinks they are League 1 and Championship players, do you think they would work at other Premier League clubs?

Request: Losing any of the five defenders would be bad for us, especially Egan and O’Connell. I think most of the team have proven they can cut it in the Premier League. George Baldock could walk into any team except maybe the top four.

Millsy: So, looking to next season, how do you think this squad will perform and what are your expectations for that? Is it aspirations for Europe this or are you still focused on repeating that top-half finish?

Tom: I hope we can kick on and build off of this season. Wilder has improved our league position season by season, but I would take 17th on the last day right now.

Millsy: Thank you very much for talking to Millsy’s View, it is indeed a pleasure.

Tom: Thanks Nick, enjoyed it. I think your lads will be in for an exciting season. Ole really seems to be coming good and your ability to win penalties is second to none 👀.

Thanks mate.

Millsy: Cheeky bugger!

So, that concludes the first part of the interview, thank you very much for reading and stay tuned for part two. There, we go into Sheffield United’s Premier League player of the season, what they need to get up to in the transfer window and expectations for next season. If you enjoyed reading it, you can find all other fan interviews conducted this post-season here, to check out what Thomas Furniss up to, you can visit their Twitter page here.

This article was written by Nicholas Mills of Millsy’s View. Find more of his writing on his blog page, on his Twitter or follow his Facebook page.

To see the rest of my interviews with Premier League fans, you can visit the page here.

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