A Coffee With A Toffee, Millsy’s View Talks To An Everton Fan: Part 1

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During this off-season, I thought it would be good for me to go out there and talk to a fan of every Premier League club. I wanted to get their insight on how things went last season, what they are looking forward to in the transfer market and how they thought next season was going to go for them. This whole series, you will be able to find here.

For this interview , I “sat down” with The Voice of The Toffees, they are a life long Everton fan, and one of the many who find supporting them so frustrating at times. They get frustrated with who they sign, who they sell, who they start or don’t start in games, what formation they play, the list goes on (and we go into a little bit of that in the interview).

“I often think the real fans love their club so much they would often make better decisions if given the chance. So I had this grand idea (totally unrealistic) that if I started a twitter page that conducted fan polls, which I started in May of this year, if I managed to get a big enough following, I could send the results of these polls to the club, and if they saw how many people feel about certain topics they might actually take it on board. However, it turns out it’s really hard getting the thousands of followers I would need to even have a chance of being listened to, so now it’s more a fan page to ask questions, chat, debate, run polls (for the sake of general interest), provide news etc.”

So, with that said, let’s get on with the interview:

The Interview

Hi there, thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me, welcome to Millsy’s View!

VOTT:  My pleasure, always happy to talk about Everton.

So, I’m looking to do a season review of the 2019/20 season, can you tell me how you felt going into this season?

VOTT: Both excited and concerned at the same time. Excited at the signings of Moise Kean, Jean-Philippe Gbamin, and even Fabian Delph if he could stay injury free, and also at how Marco Silva had got the team playing towards the end of the previous season. The big concern I had though, was not getting Kurt Zouma and sending Lewis Gibson out on loan, effectively leaving us with only 3 centre-backs.  One of which was yet to flourish, one looked injury prone, and one I’ll politely say isn’t the quickest at changing direction. Selling Idrissa Gueye wasn’t an issue for me, I thought the money was good considering his age, and thought Jean-Philippe Gbamin would take over that role nicely, how wrong was I!

And then, of course, Marco Silva got sacked, do you think it was his time, had he been given enough time? Do you think it was his fault?

VOTT: Was it Silva’s time? Yes. Did he have enough time? Yes. Was it his fault? NO!!! The only reason it was Silva’s time is because the players had stopped playing for him, and once that happens there is usually no coming back.

My one big criticism of Silva was his defensive tactics on set pieces. The zonal marking never worked and was never going to, however it felt like once the media kept highlighting it; it almost gave the players an excuse to look absolutely clueless when defending set pieces.

Modern footballers, and this goes for all teams, they are a disgrace at times. They don’t play for the team, or the fans, or the managers, they play for themselves, and if they aren’t happy they simply stop caring and let the ship sink, or the manager lose his job.

Lets remember how Silva finished the previous season, with Everton getting 10 points from a possible 12 against Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, and Arsenal, and in their wins over Man Utd and Arsenal they were utterly dominant. I can’t remember before then when Everton last dominated some of the big teams, yet Silva’s Everton achieved this. Also, it was Silva who managed to get 13 league goals out of Gylfi Sigurdsson, and Silva’s win percentage with Everton, even including the period when the players clearly weren’t trying, is still higher than Carlo Ancelotti’s currently.

Now I’m certainly not saying Silva is better than Ancelotti, but I do think he’s a good young manager, and the players threw him under the bus, but why did they throw him under the bus?

I just wonder if his long-term assistant manager being replaced with Luís Boa Morte had something to do with it. Lets not forget Boa Morte accused Duncan Ferguson of racially abusing him, which is not an easy thing to move on from. Duncan Ferguson has a strong influence in that team, could Boa Morte joining have upset the harmony within the squad? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, the players stopped playing for Silva for one reason or another, and that’s why he lost his job.

So, that concludes the first part of the interview, thank you very much for reading and stay tuned for part two. There, we go into Duncan Ferguson’s short tenure as manager, before moving onto Carlo Ancelotti’s early days as manager.. If you enjoyed reading it, you can find all other fan interviews conducted this post-season here, to check out what The Voice of The Toffees are up to, you can visit their Twitter page here.

This article was written by Nicholas Mills of Millsy’s View. Find more of his writing on his blog page, on his Twitter or follow his Facebook page.

To see the rest of my interviews with Premier League fans, you can visit the page here.

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