Dean Henderson To Chelsea? Millsy’s Transfer Rumour Ratings

Dean Henderson celebrates for Sheffield United in the Premier League
Henderson has had an unbelievable season at Sheffield United. Image Credit: Getty Images

Dean Henderson

Current Club: Sheffield United (On loan from Manchester United)

Rumoured transfer: Chelsea FC

Rumour Source: Manchester Evening News

Competition At The Club: Kepa Arrizabalaga, Willy Caballero, Jamie Cumming

Are There Other Options?: Well yes, of course there are, not as transfers but within their own squad still! In addition to that, Mundo Deportivo in Spain are reporting that Chelsea are willing to swap Kepa for Marc-Andre Ter Stegen at Barcelona.

Do They Need Him?: Probably Not, Kepa is still a strong choice as goalkeeper, even if his form can be a little inconsistent at times. The player is only young and I think people forget that he is still only 25, with keepers generally peaking at around 29-30 years of age, so he still has a lot of time to develop his skills and needs time.

In-depth analysis of Kepa Arrizabalaga: shot-stopping, cross ...
Kepa is still a developing goalkeeper. Image Credit: Alex Grimm/Getty Images

This, however, may well be worrying news for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who knows and respects the talent of Dean Henderson, but has also stood strongly by current number one David De Gea. If rivals are willing to move in on Henderson, as they recognise that he will be frustrated at perhaps being number two in the Premier League games to David De Gea, it will force Solskjaer into making a jerk, snap decision.

Other sources, have reported that Henderson is willing to go on loan again, if he doesn’t get reassurances of his place in the team at Old Trafford. It is currently a very touchy situation for Manchester United, who seem unwilling to let David De Gea go already, believing that his class and the performances of old may come back. Where Henderson will be next season is still an open question completely. Personally, I believe he should go back to Sheffield United on loan and play in their Europa League campaign to build on his experience, learn how a team fights on multiple fronts, and then come back next season and proceed to take De Gea’s place, who deserves more time still.

Chelsea 'ready to more than DOUBLE Dean Henderson's wages to ยฃ170k ...

Likelihood Rating: I’m going to give this rumour a 10% chance of going through. Frank Lampard loves giving time to youngsters, of which Kepa is still one, so he may be casting an eye over his rivals players. However, I don’t think that there is any way Manchester United will allow Henderson to leave permanently, especially after his performances this season.

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