Millsy’s View Proven Right on Liverpool Coronavirus Idiocy

#LFC #PremierLeagueChampions #COVIDIDIOTS

Millsy's View

Yesterday I wrote a post that put aside completely the divisions of football rivalry, to focus on the things that are important to the world right now. Namely, this was the fact that, following their fortunate theft of the Premier League title, Liverpool fans were flouting with gay abandon the rules set forward by the government to ensure that no second wave of Coronavirus hits the country.

Luckily, many people showed an inkling of sense in the highest of places, to join Millsy’s View in a chorus of condemnation of the lunacy shown by said buffoons.

Firstly, and most powerfully, came the condemnation of the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, putting a strong statement out there. It is debatable whether he truly means that most Liverpool fans were not at the gathering, as images showed just how many were gathering in open places, flouting any sign of common sense…

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