Millsy’s View Proven Right on Liverpool Coronavirus Idiocy

Yesterday I wrote a post that put aside completely the divisions of football rivalry, to focus on the things that are important to the world right now. Namely, this was the fact that, following their fortunate theft of the Premier League title, Liverpool fans were flouting with gay abandon the rules set forward by the government to ensure that no second wave of Coronavirus hits the country.

Luckily, many people showed an inkling of sense in the highest of places, to join Millsy’s View in a chorus of condemnation of the lunacy shown by said buffoons.

Firstly, and most powerfully, came the condemnation of the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, putting a strong statement out there. It is debatable whether he truly means that most Liverpool fans were not at the gathering, as images showed just how many were gathering in open places, flouting any sign of common sense. However, what is important to take away from this is just how correct Millsy’s View was in it’s denunciation of the absolute worst that humankind has to offer.

Joe Anderson showed himself to be a top guy all said

Following this, the club itself (following Millsy’s View’s example) put out a statement together with Liverpool City Council and Merseyside police, censuring those who had gathered to spread all and every germ possible in a true display of Covid-19 debauchery. Although some may say that Liverpool Football Club were rather late in releasing their statement (some had already released powerful statements yesterday), it is important that they did, to acknowledge again the correctness of what Millsy’s View had so knowledgeably written a day earlier.

Liverpool F.C. at least acknowledged the trouble that they themselves caused

However, sadly not everyone has gotten on the correct boat already, as the club captain Jordan Henderson didn’t even hint at the possibility of disapproving the hideous actions of the fans with his cheaply-made statement on Twitter today:

Jordan Henderson needs to act like a real captain

Of course, Henderson is rather unlikely to condemn an action that he and his entire team took part in, gathering together to hug and scream in delight, as they created their very own Petri dish in the unlucky hotel that had to suffer through the immense cleaning operation that must have taken place following such antics. One must spare a thought at these times for those hotel cleaners who were most certainly forced by the Liverpool squad to suffer through the scrubbing and scraping of all the nooks and crannies in which said team’s possible pathogens would lie.

In conclusion, all this hurrah and furore does is prove without the slightest possibility of doubt, that Millsy’s View was 100% correct in it’s assertion that Liverpool Football Club and it’s fans deserved to be condemned and perhaps even punished? One top fan of Millsy’s View even suggested a 30-point deduction for the side, based on the behaviour of it’s fans and this blogger would definitely not stand in the F.A.’s way, should they decide to take said appropriate action.

I close this article with another look at the type of idiocy I refer to above, it is, in my view, utterly atrocious.

This article was written by Nicholas Mills of Millsy’s View. Find more of his writing on his blog page, on his Twitter or follow his Facebook page.

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