Millsy’s View on Liverpool’s Premier League Title Win

The scenes…..were an absolute disgrace! Without showing even an inkling of common sense, Liverpool supports descended upon Anfield in the wake of their fluke title win, after Manchester City lost to Chelsea.

Nobody would even know that there was currently a pandemic ravaging the country, and indeed the world, if you saw what was taking place on the Shankly gates last night, the two households rule was thrown completely out the window

A Coronavirus Breeding Ground – Image Credit: AFP

Completely ignoring the fact that a) their title win was the luckiest that anybody has seen in years, possibly out-lucking even Manchester City when they fluked that last-minute winner against QPR.

Luckily, there will most-certainly be an asterisk next to their title-winning season to let everyone know that they only won due to the fact that the league took a break. This allowed them to put everyone else off their good form and allowed them to FINALLY recover from that well-deserved, absolute hammering that Watford dished out to them.

Look at these total IDIOTS flouting even the simplest of rules….

And the blame for another Covid-19 bump will not sit solely with the supporters, as the players also gathered in a much larger group than is allowed under the current regulations. If you look closely at the video below, you will notice that there is a much larger group than the 6 you are currently allowed to meet up with according to the government advice.

And don’t even get me started on the 2-metre social distancing rule, most players are sitting TOGETHER if you can believe it, in what is surely going to be an orgy of Corona germs by the time they finish partying.

Liverpool players certainly don’t care for the current pandemic and being good role models

All in all, this adds up to a wanton ignorance of the situation currently faced in the country and should most definitely add up to them being stripped of their Premier League title if the FA still has any sense left in them. It is probably an even bigger scandal than the one coordinated by Mr. Dominic Cummings, he must be rubbing his hands together thinking of the uproar that is to come, thanks Liverpool fans, you’ve let him off the hook with your misguided idiocy.

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