Millsy’s Premier League Run In: Burnley F.C.

After what seems like forever, the Premier League is finally back to light up our screens! In preparation for the opening weekend, Millsy’s View is going to take a look at each team and review how they have done so far, how they might perform with the remaining fixtures and where they might finish in the league.

It is obviously going to be very different, as we have already seen with the return of the Bundesliga, where the lack of fans seems to give no home advantage. Also, many teams have come back seemingly better prepared, whilst conversely, some are not so well prepared. Nonetheless, in this article, we’re going to a look at Burnley F.C. and try to analyse how they might do.

The Story So Far

Burnley’s season so far in the Premier League, has been probably the most inconsistent of all the teams. They have won 2 consecutive matches 4 times so far this season, whilst also losing 3 consecutive games 3 times.

Their worst run went from the Boxing Day round of fixtures until mid-January, where they lost 4 games on the spin. They then followed this up by going unbeaten until the Premier League was stopped in March, including wins over Leicester City and Manchester United, whilst taking a point from both Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Their form, both at Turf Moor and whilst playing away leaves them bang in mid-table in both PL tables. So, really, Burnley are actually playing consistently inconsistent, which is it’s own form of consistency, is it not? I’m a big fan of Sean Dyche, as many unbiased fans are, the mixture of his bald head and heavy smoker’s voice just has a way of winning people over, especially with the way they attack the English league.

What’s Coming Up?

If this were the Burnley of the pre-Coronavirus run, you might have put money on them to take something away from the Manchester City game (being shown Monday 22nd June, 8pm BST, on Sky Sports Main Event, Pick TV and Sky One), but they are the last team to play following the break. Manchester City, meanwhile, already smashed Arsenal 3-0 on Wednesday night, so are more match fit, yet have had time to rest before tonight’s game, so they will be on a high.

Following that, Sean Dyche’s men entertain Watford at Turf Moor, before facing a mixture of teams from both the bottom and top halves, where they will most likely continue to produce their consistent inconsistency.

Where Will They Finish?

They are currently sitting in 11th place in the Premier League, one point behind Arsenal. I reckon they will probably have prepared professionally under Sean Dyche, as he is with everything he does, and I back them to secure their spot in the top half, perhaps even push Arsenal down into the bottom if Mikel Arteta continues his “revolution” in it’s current state.

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