Could Roy Take Crystal Palace On A European Adventure?


Millsy's View

Watching Crystal Palace’s 2-0 win over Bournemouth, there was but only one word that sprang to mind, which perfectly sums up a Roy Hodgson side: Disciplined. After they took the lead, then increased it to give them a cushion, old Roy must have been pleased as punch with the way his team performed their duties exactly in keeping with the way the gaffer likes to set up.

A Team Possessed

The whole team played completely on message; the defence staying organised, the midfield getting involved with defensive duties and even the attackers, led by Christian Benteke causing nothing but havoc and frustration withing the Bournemouth ranks in the first half. Bournemouth looked like a team shocked and in disarray, whilst their opponents looked unplayable in comparison, such was their dominance of the game.

Image Credit: The Independent

In the second half, Bournemouth clearly came out with a bit more onus…

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