Millsy’s Post-Corona Run In: West Ham United F.C.

After what seems like forever, the Premier League is finally back to light up our screens! In preparation for the opening weekend, Millsy’s View is going to take a look at each team and review how they have done so far, how they might perform with the remaining fixtures and where they might finish in the league.

It is obviously going to be very different, as we have already seen with the return of the Bundesliga, where the lack of fans seems to give no home advantage. Also, many teams have come back seemingly better prepared, whilst conversely, some are not so well prepared. Nonetheless, in this article, we’re going to a look at West Ham United F.C. and try to analyse how they might do.

The Story So Far

West Ham this season has been very much reminiscent of Watford, a lesson in how not to run a football club. After sacking Manuel Pellegrini whilst sitting 17th in the league, they rehired old face and “serial winner” David Moyes, as a “step forward”, and now find themselves sitting in 16th place, so a small improvement you could say?

Except no, you cannot say that as they are only there by way of superior goal difference to those teams below them. It’s not wonder that there were several protests against the owners before the league stopped as they have been an absolute shambles in recent times. West Ham are a traditional club, one of the old giants, yet seem to have gone seriously awry under the current ownership.

They made some big money signings in the window in Sebastian Haller, Pablo Fornals and Jarrod Bowen, yet all have been a bit hit and miss for The Hammers this season, none really hitting consistently good form.

What’s Coming Up?

West Ham have a tricky first fixture against Wolves to contend with, before two consecutive London derbies against Tottenham and Chelsea repsectively. Generally, these are fixtures where West Ham teams have upped their game and played them almost as if they were cup finals, so they should still have a decent chance of getting a point or two out of them. This could, however, be negatively effected by the fact their fans are not there to create the atmosphere they would want.

Following that, their fixture list gets a little lighter, as they almost solely play teams in the bottom 11, including Norwich, Aston Villa, and Watford, all of whom are in the bottom 4 with them. So there is a good chance they can get a couple of wins and move themselves into relative safety, before having a rethink during the off-season.

Where Will They Finish?

Overall, I believe that West Ham can ultimately avoid the drop, they have a strong enough side to get a couple of wins over their close rivals and perhaps nab a couple of points off some teams in the race for Europe to mix things up a little.

This article was written by Millsy of Millsy’s View and is part of a series on the post-corona Premier League run-in which you can find here. Alternatively, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or WordPress to see any new articles.

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