Millsy’s Post-Corona Run In: Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.

After what seems like forever, the Premier League is finally back to light up our screens! In preparation for the opening weekend, Millsy’s View is going to take a look at each team and review how they have done so far, how they might perform with the remaining fixtures and where they might finish in the league.

It is obviously going to be very different, as we have already seen with the return of the Bundesliga, where the lack of fans seems to give no home advantage. Also, many teams have come back seemingly better prepared, whilst conversely, some are not so well prepared. Nonetheless, in this article, we’re going to a look at Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. and try to analyse how they might do.

The Story So Far

Brighton have had so far exactly the kind of season one would expect of a team sitting in 15th place in the Premier League. Although they have had some notable performances, the general state of affairs has not created any fireworks.

The manager Graham Potter has shown an excellent tactical knowledge at times, setting his team up to be hard to beat, their goal difference is significantly better than the teams around his. However, one worrying fact that he will need to address is the fact that his side were on a run of 8 games without a win before the league took a break.

What’s Coming Up?

Brighton could be perhaps one of the benefactors of the coronavirus break, as it has offered them a chance to reflect on their performances and perhaps refresh themselves to prepare to get a victory. Their first game back is a tricky fixture against Arsenal and it doesn’t get any easier following that, as they then face Manchester United and Leicester.

Amongst their remaining fixtures are 4 of the current top-5 in the league, which doesn’t sound good when your team is sat only two points above the relegation zone. They will have to pull off some superb results against the big dogs, whilst making sure they win games against the likes of Norwich, Newcastle and Burnley if they are to survive.

Where Will They Finish?

Sadly, the omens are looking bleak for Brighton, who have won the hearts of neutrals with their gutsy performances from a relatively small side in comparison to other giants in the league. I expect them to be fighting their absolute hardest against the drop, but I do believe that they could drop into the bottom three and think they will fight closely with Watford to avoid that possibility.

This article was written by Millsy of Millsy’s View and is part of a series on the post-corona Premier League run-in which you can find here. Alternatively, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or WordPress to see any new articles.

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