Millsy’s Post-Corona Run In: Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

After what seems like forever, the Premier League is finally back to light up our screens! In preparation for the opening weekend, Millsy’s View is going to take a look at each team and review how they have done so far, how they might perform with the remaining fixtures and where they might finish in the league.

It is obviously going to be very different, as we have already seen with the return of the Bundesliga, where the lack of fans seems to give no home advantage. Also, many teams have come back seemingly better prepared, whilst conversely, some are not so well prepared. Nonetheless, in this article, we’re going to a look at Tottenham Hotspur and try to analyse how they might do.

Image Credit: The12thMan

The Story So Far

Tottenham’s season got off to a disastrous start when they conceded first to newly-promoted Aston Villa, before they eventually saved the game. However, this was an omen of things to come for Spurs and it ended up with Mauricio Pochettino not winning any of his last 5 league games as manager before Jose Mourinho was appointed.

Mourinho managed to settle the ship somewhat, getting the team to push back up to the table and they currently sit in competition for a European place next season. One thing that seriously hampered them was the lack of backup for Heung-Min Son and Harry Kane, both of whom managed to get injured, facing long injury lay offs.

This is one of the positives for Spurs coming out of corona break, that they will see a return, not only of those two stars, but also of Bergwijn who has been another top performer for them this season. This topic was already covered in an article by Millsy’s View, so if you would like to read that, check it out here.

What’s Coming Up?

First up, Tottenham face a Manchester United side also refreshed from injury layoffs, with Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba returning to action. This will be a tough game for Spurs and I expect them not to do well in it, in all honesty.

Tottenham Hotspur’s remaining fixtures are a mixed bag to be honest, facing a top-6 contender, then facing a bottom half side. This could play well into their hands in one respect, meaning that they can have their stars fit for one and rest players for the other. Conversely, if they get off to a bad start against the big teams, it could have a negative effect on them when facing the lower-down sides.

Where Will They Finish?

Overall, Jose Mourinho is a manager who can stabilise a club and, although his sides don’t play attractive football by any means, they certainly play effective football. I think Spurs will get a spot in Europe for next season, perhaps finishing above Wolves, and this will especially be the case if Manchester City get kicked out of Europe.

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