Millsy’s Post-Corona Run In: Aston Villa

After what seems like forever, the Premier League is finally back to light up our screens! In preparation for the opening weekend, Millsy’s View is going to take a look at each team and review how they have done so far, how they might perform with the remaining fixtures and where they might finish in the league.

It is obviously going to be very different, as we have already seen with the return of the Bundesliga, where the lack of fans seems to give no home advantage. Also, many teams have come back seemingly better prepared, whilst conversely, some are not so well prepared. Nonetheless, in this article, we’re going to a look at Aston Villa and try to analyse how they might do.

Image Credit: Armenian Reporter

The Story So Far

Since making the step back up into the Premier League, Aston Villa have signed a whopping 15 players, almost enough to play an entire side in a game of players who weren’t there last season. This has proven rather counterproductive so far and Villa still find themselves 19th in the league, despite their large outlay.

Bringing so many players into a first team squad can often lead to problems, as the players must first gel together before you get a full return from the squad. Overall, Villa’s performances have been a little disjointed and it has been clear that this team have some real communication problems with how each other plays.

One other big blow was the loss of Tammy Abraham, the scorer of 25 league goals last season, who returned to Chelsea on loan. Replacing that many goals when making the step up a league is never easy, and if it wasn’t for the performances of Jack Grealish, who rumour has it could be worth £80m in the coming transfer window, they would be in an even more dire situation.

What’s Coming Up?

Aston Villa are playing in the first game of the restart after coronavirus, facing up against the impressive Sheffield United (To check my comments on them, see the article here). This will be a tough affair as they will know that they have a large amount of pressure on their shoulders, with people tuning in worldwide.

Villa’s run-in will not get any easier after that either, as they still have to play 5 of the top 10 after that, not something any relegation candidates would ever be looking forward to. Of course, the fact that there will be no fans could have an effect on results and there could be some shocks, but things are looking bleak at best for The Villains.

Where Will They Finish?

Overall, much of Villa’s fortunes may rest on the performances of the aforementioned Grealish, but things will also not have been made easier by the fact that their first choice keeper Tom Heaton and 3rd top scorer Wesley remain out, even despite the large break in the season.

At this point, I am going to predict a Villa relegation, as much as I hate to say it about such a big, historic club, as I don’t think the quality that they possess is enough to bring them out of the position they find themselves in.

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