It happened! The United hierarchy have pulled the trigger and Jose is out! From what I hear, it only cost us 24 million to get rid of him! That has to be our best move since signing him surely?! What comes to me now though is who do we hire next? To be honest the more hopeful of us fans will be gunning for Zinedine Zidane, but I don’t think that he would come. Sure, he could do what he did at Madrid and win us the CL before the year is out, but I think that’s highly unlikely. Ryan Giggs has only just joined Wales so he isn’t going to be the man, maybe Michael Carrick will now step up and take on the helm. His head is definitely cool, given his position as Defensive Midfielder as a player, so maybe he would be a good choice. Other than that, I don’t see a lot of options on the market, before ANYONE says Arsene Wenger, please give it a break!

I’ll have another think and come back later with some other options maybe because, for now, I am absolutely speechless and dumbstruck. We are not a club that fires managers quickly, City and Chelsea would have fired him last season, had he been there but we kept faith. Until now, when we are closer to relegation than the title, the United board held their confidence in him, but I think the performance on Sunday, coupled with our position probably showed them the way things are going is the wrong direction. We have a good base of players so anybody who comes in could work their magic with it, but they need to be a big personality able to come in and take charge of a team who, let’s be honest had stopped playing for the manager.

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