Millsy’s View: Sunday Predictions

It’s (sort of) Super Sunday and here in Frankfurt it is buried under snow! So, what better time to curl up under a blanket, blast the heating, pop a beer and tune into some quality foosball? Obviously, there is one game today that takes precedent over all others, let’s not lie to ourselves, but the other two are still important in terms of the league story (and also the 5 quid bet I have with a mate).

Brighton and Hove Albion vs. Chelsea

So, I think we can all see this match going only one way to be honest, Chelsea are going to be up for this one. They got a scent of blood last week against City and they will be looking for more, especially after winning in midweek, despite playing a youthful side. They are on a roll currently and will be doubly focused after that shock loss to Wolves a couple weeks back to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Brighton, on the other hand, are impressing me with the heart they’re showing this season, they’re really playing for Chris Hughton and they are 11 points above the drop zone. That is dreamland for them and some big wins over some relegation rivals in recent weeks , special mention to the win with 10 men against Palace, has been good for them to get themselves into a position of relative security. This, however, will be one step too far for them I feel, even with home advantage, and I’m backing the boys from the bridge to take it today.

My Prediction: 2-0 to Chelsea

Southampton vs. Arsenal

So, Mark Hughes was sacked even despite drawing with United. I always thought he was a strange pick for Southampton anyway, their black box has been the secret to them always bringing through relatively unknown managers and players before selling them for profits. I don’t know if there was a defect in the box, but Sparky seemed to be a bit of a panic hire and didn’t really fit into the setup there for me. Anyhow, he’s gone and now comes Ralph Hasenhüttl, another pretty unknown manager, on English shores anyhow. He has, however, showed promise in charge of Leipzig so it could be another wonder move from the Saints.

Unai Emery will probably be on a high after that MASSIVE win against Tottenham that we will all be remembering for years to come, what a game! They are playing some quality football this season and are really impressing me with some of their results, some coming with the consummate ease that they had been lacking in the years previous. Therefore, it is the away team I’m going with again for this one and to be honest, with Aubameyang captain, my fantasy team really needs it!

My Prediction: 3-1 to Arsenal

Liverpool vs Manchester United

Now, the game that I look forward to every year, and every year Jose puts on an immaculate display of putting 11 men behind the ball. I was glad that Rashford scored the 2 early goals last year, after that we didn’t put an attack together! But, this year I have a bit of hope, United need points and here they need a win. We weren’t at the races against City, but we were 30 seconds away from a win at Stamford Bridge and maybe could’ve nicked the win against Arsenal. Therefore, I think Jose might be starting to see the error of his ways a little and is playing a bit more openly against the big teams, of course, it might also be because we’re having a hard time beating the small teams at the moment! But, this is the North West Derby and ANYTHING can happen, United could be 20th with Liverpool 1st and we could still come away with the win, it’s the match where both of these teams up their game to try and beat the other.

Klopp’s team haven’t blown teams away this season, and yesterday I mentioned how Everton could’ve even beaten them had luck been on their side. As it went down, luck was absolutely against them, but they showed that, although Klopp’s men remain unbeaten in the Premier League so far, they certainly aren’t invincible and I’m very much hoping that Jose throws everything at them in search of the win at Anfield that is always a jewel. This game is my heart against my head, my heart wants to put United in for the win, while my head says that Liverpool are the better team. But, then again, football isn’t played on paper……

My Head’s Prediction: 3-1 to Liverpool

My Heart’s Prediction: 2-1 to United

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