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Welcome to my website for football analysis, I am Millsy. I have been playing and watching the beautiful game since I can remember! Although a fan of Manchester United, I am known amongst friend’s as the guy that you can go to to get an honest, unbiased opinion.

Whether it is the true quality of a player like Paul Pogba, the managerial talents of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, or even the likelihood of Crystal Palace getting into the Europa League. It doesn’t matter, if it’s about football, I have an opinion on it.

Outside of the match itself, I look at things through the eyes of a true neutral. If it isn’t good enough, I’ll say so. If a player is not committed, I’ll say so. So come on inside, and explore a world that is not held back by the tribalism of football fandom, a place where we just love football: Millsy’s View.

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